A Recycled Yarn Made by Circular Clothing and Apparel

Our Colored

Recycled Knitting Yarn

Our weaving yarns are eco-friendly, made from recycled fibers, and are available with 115 shades of colors, in the both coarser or finer counts with single ply and double ply options.

JK recycled weaving yarns are available in a different blends of composition including: Cotton, Cotton and Polyester, Cotton and Viscose, Cotton Poly and Viscose, Cotton Poly and Wool Blends.

Our woven yarns are suitable for running on traditional and modern high speed looms like Sulzer, Air Jet, Rapier, Power and Hand Loom.
These yarns are ideal for the production of bed sheets, Scarves, blankets, denim, shirts and suiting.

Recycled Color Weaving Yarn Properties

Packaging Type Count Range Strength Evenness Process Type
Cylindrical Tubes NE (06-30) CSP 1350+-100 CV % 1.5 Carded with Open End Spinning