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Revolutionising The Textile Industry

J.k Cotspin aims to create a sustainable future by solving one of the world’s largest environmental problems and effectively tackling the challenge of depletion of natural resources.

Our unique and revolutionary recycling system transforms post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste into valuable and high-quality recycled cotton yarn , offering the lowest environmental cost on the global market. Not only are we targeting to reduce the stress on finite resources like land and water, but also reducing the excessive waste dumped into landfills.

We manufacture cotton predominant yarns using recycled pre-dyed fibers. The yarns come at lower price than virgin cotton yarns with very little compromise on quality. These yarns offer a great environmental saving due to the fact that no new dyeing or fertilizers and pesticides are needed, we provide great sustainable solutions.

Our production mills are equipped with the most modern spinning machines made by Rieter, Truetzschler,LMW, and Schlafhorst using advanced textile recycling technology. More than 800 tons of recycled yarns are produced by our plants each month, with every single batch undergoing a strict quality control evaluation. This thorough textile recycling process ensures that each product that leaves our production line meets global quality standards and your complete satisfaction.

A Brief History of Revolutionising The Textile Industry
Unleashing The Industry’s Potential

Unleashing The Industry’s Potential

We make high-quality recycled yarns for all types of fashion products, accessories and home textiles. Our products are made with the lowest-impact recycled cotton fibers in today’s global market.
We have a passion for low-impact yarns and a deep knowledge of what a recycled yarn is capable of. Our team will work with you to understand your brand’s needs and help you carry out your fashion projects by creating the best blend for your products.

Our Purpose

KRANTI - To create an impact by revolutionising the textile industry

Our Vision

To focus on delivering sustainable products with robust values whilst shielding the versatility of the environment.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative, cost competitive, recycled yarns and circular solutions at scale.

A Purpose-Led Marketplace That is Revolutionising The Textile Industry
Our Values

Our Values

We live and breathe the fundamental principles that guide our actions and decisions - our core values.

Customer-centricity Customer-centricity
Industry Excellence Industry Excellence
Take Intelligent Risks Take Intelligent Risks
Frugality Frugality
Speed Over Perfection Speed Over Perfection
We Are a Tribe We Are a Tribe